Symmetra – My new Main

Last night I was playing my daily dose of Overwatch and I decided to switch things up. According my my Overwatch “Career Profile” I’ve logged the following:

  • 167 games played (still a noob, not the point)
  • 81 played as Zenyatta
  • 21 as Hanzo (yup, I’m that guy)
  • 19 as Torbjorn (one of my up and coming favorites)
  • Whatever’s left is everyone else (6 more characters)

So yeah, I don’t branch out often. Last night I was watching the good ole play of the game and I saw someone absolutely wrecking shop as Symmetra. I thought to myself, wow she looks like a fun character to play as, so the next match I gave her a shot. I’m hooked. I can’t believe I haven’t tried other characters. I enjoy Zenyatta so much that I thought the game wouldn’t be as fun without him.

Now I’m compelled to give every character a shot. I think it will be fun. I used to care about K/D (I’d be lying if I said I 100% didn’t now, but it’s not what drives me to play), but with Overwatch that information seems minimized compared to playing the objectives. There is no Team Deathmatch modes and I believe that fosters a unique environment where players can experiment “risk free” with new characters. I think I’ll do just that.

So maybe my new main will be Symmetra. Maybe I just like playing Capture the Flag with her because I can get easy kills hiding turrets by the flag. Who knows? One things for sure though, I’ve only scratched the very deep surface of this game and I’m excited for what is to come.

Oh yeah! Along with 4 slots for sprays they also added 4 slots for voice lines, and cool new ways to navigate to them. Sweet!


2 thoughts on “Symmetra – My new Main

  1. I main Mercy and despise Symmetra. The damage her beam can do is insane. A few nights back a Symmetra killed me and two team mates within a matter of seconds. She is meant to be support, but does more damage than DPS. At the very least she should be reclassed as a defence hero.


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