Year of the Rooster

I love Overwatch.

The Year of the Rooster event is the newest themed event in the Overwatch world and I had a blast playing it last night. I got 3 of the new “Lunar Loot Boxes” but nothing but more sprays and some voice lines. I did really well with the Christmas event, I ended up getting almost all of the custom Christmas skins (minus Zenyatta, which I’m still kind of upset about). I am still rocking Santa Torbjorn for now. I hope to get the Reinhardt skin and the Zenyatta skin. Everything else is just a bonus. I really like D.VA’s but I don’t really ever play as her. If I happen upon it, that might change.

Capture the flag was pretty fun (for Bastion players). If you enjoy camping but haven’t had any luck in Overwatch, this new game mode is for you. Corner camping is at an all time high with both Bastion and Torbjorn’s setting up shop somewhere near the flag. During one of my matches we struggled to kill that corner camping combo until the very end of the game. As soon as we got in their enemy flag zone, myself (Zenyatta) and a Hanzo kept the hostiles out of their mark and D.VA ran 3 consecutive flags back and forth for the win. It was so fulfilling.

Also with the new update it looks like you are able to equip up to 4 sprays at once. I didn’t know this was going to be a feature so when I went to tag the wall and a menu popped up I thought I pressed the wrong button. The new system is going to take some getting used to but I’m sure I’ll catch on, I’ve become pretty adept at using the communication’s menu to quickly shoot out a “Thanks” to a teammate. (Or spam my Zenyatta “snowflake” voice line)

All-in-all a good update. I think it is great that Overwatch is stepping in as (at least for me) the definitive FPS game. These free events really keep me coming back to the game. Same with Square and the FFXV Moogle/Chocobo festival (Which I haven’t played yet).

This could mean great things for the consumers in the future if this pattern continues!


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