Picking Up Where I Left Off

This weekend I got frustrated with Overwatch not giving me any of the limited time items in the loot boxes I earned (except for Junkrat, who I never use), so I decided to go through my backlog and start something up that I never finished.


The Witcher 3. 

Yes, I know. How could I possibly drop that game halfway through and forget about it for almost 6 months? Well it’s easy, just like that. It is a fun game, but I just burnt myself out on it.

So at this point I’m struggling with the idea of just starting over. I’ve poured about 20 hours into it at this point and after a long hiatus I have absolutely no idea what is going on. I turned the game on and played for about 10 minutes, couldn’t find my first quest objective and threw in the towel. That sucked.

I want to play the game. It has a great story that I was really involved in but I just have a very short attention span and if I forget about it for a day or two, it could turn into a 6 month break.

I can remember some parts but I feel like I’d either need to watch some cutscenes on YouTube or a Let’s Play to get back up to speed. I can always just go through it again but I know I’d get that “I’ve been here before” deja vu feeling that would make me put it down even faster than before.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I was happily enjoying Uncharted 4 until Final Fantasy XV dropped. I stopped everything I was doing to get the Platinum trophy for that game. It ruined my Uncharted progress. Now when I see it on my PlayStation menu I think “I better get back to that before I forget what happened” and then I go straight to Overwatch. Bummer. (Not really though)



One thought on “Picking Up Where I Left Off

  1. I hate this feeling, especially when you forget what are the character’s abilities. It happened with me in Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid V. I’m thinking of going back to these games, but I’m still wandering should I start over and learn all the basics or just try to figure out what’s going on and how to get the best out of your character.

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