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Hello lovely people,

I’ve been tagged to answer a set of questions by Blizzy over at The Anikatuski. Thank you sir for engaging me in this wonderful Q&A session. Please visit his site, follow, comment, like etc. He is a good guy with good content. Here are the rules for this challenge:

  • Thank & Tag the Blogger
  • Answer the Questions
  • Tag Other Bloggers

Without further ado let us begin.

What is your favorite video game genre (I.E. RPG, FPS, MMO, etc.)?

I love RPG games. Action games are a close second with FPS coming in third but you can’t beat a great RPG in terms of content and bang for your buck. JRPGs are a strong reason why I love the overall RPG genre so much but I also enjoy a bunch of western RPGs as well. I do have an elder scrolls tattoo after all.

Which system do you prefer to game on?

I’m all about my PS4. I love the controller, the UI, the PSVR, everything. I also own a Wii U and PS3 but those get a fraction of time compared to the PS4.

Who is your favorite video game character?

Tough question. Recently it is between Noctis and Nathan Drake. I’ll probably have to give it to Nate for all time favorite, I think his character is really well developed and written but FFXV was one of my favorites from last year and I grew attached to Noct. So maybe a tie?

Which game do you believe has the best plot?

Well game series.. Mass Effect. I know a lot of people were vocal about 3 but honestly I loved it. I loved the journey, the story, the ending of it all. I have played that series over and over again. Probably one of the best video game stories of all time if not the best.

What game gave the most hype but didn’t deliver?

Obligatory No Man’s Sky. I didn’t play it but I can’t think of a better answer to this question in the history of gaming.

What game are you waiting for?

Short term: Horizon Zero Dawn. Medium Term: Persona 5. Long term: Kingdom Hearts 3.

If you were taken to an island and forced to only play 3 games, which 3 games would you choose?

The good old Island question. I’d probably take Skyrim SE, Mass Effect 2 and Paper Mario Thousand Year Door.


Which games do you feel have the best replay value?

Since the question is “games” I’ll list a few: Persona 4. Immense replay value, different social links, different battle strategies. The last 2 Elder Scrolls games have a ton of value, I’ve played Oblivion and Skyrim many many times. Paper Mario TTYD, Mass Effect, this is beginning to sound a lot like the island question for me but honestly I chose those games for that question because of their replay value.

Name 1 Game that you think everyone should play?

Overwatch. Even if you don’t like FPS games. It is so much fun. Anything Blizzard does is fantastic.

What game did you grow up on?

Pokemon pretty much defined me as a person for a good chunk of my childhood. I remember when Gold and Silver were coming out in Japan and I was going to to read someone playing through it in Japanese. I was convinced that I could do it too but I ended up waiting for the English release.

Which game would you like to see come back?

Paper Mario in the form of the first two games. I’d be ecstatic if they ditched this current style of game in favor to return the series to its roots. Abandon the Mario and Luigi games, give us a good Paper Mario game again.

This was a lot of fun! I had to really think about some of my answers. Hopefully you guys can learn a bit more about my preferences and maybe learn a thing or two about me in the process. I’d like to nominate my first follower on this site:

iPlayedTheGame over at

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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