26 year old guy that lives in Chicago.

I like to watch Movies, TV shows (usually cartoons – Futurama, Archer) play games and experience Virtual Reality (via PSVR). I’m an avid YouTube viewer, trying to post my own content there on occasion which ends up being just live streams of me doing dumb stuff in VR or getting my Overwatch on.

I have a wonderful and amazing girlfriend. We are cat owners of a furious furball that we call “Loki” (Thor’s brother but also a bit of an acronym meaning Little Orange Kitty – although he isn’t so little anymore)

Tep Life is a product of my very first ever website dubbed “The Elwin Post” which was a virtual newspaper site featuring my interests. Elwin is a small town of about 160 in central Illinois. It was my baby. I ended up monetizing it and made a whopping $63, and it was a blast.

I’m an Information Technology Professional that landed a cozy little job in the suburban Chicago area. My day to day interactions with people usually involve me asking them to restart their device at least once.

I am writing in this blog to keep some of my thoughts organized. It’s largely going to be about games, geek culture and maybe a bit extra.

Benjamin – #teplife


Emily, Myself and our affectionate kitty, Loki (The Lok)